Define Equivalence Relation

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Equivalence relation describe in mathematics and define as a relation that is reflexive , symmetric and transitive. We can define these properties of relation as if there is a relation R then it said to be equivalence relation that is based on a set A if relation on set A is reflexive means Set A have relation in itself that means A ÃÂ„ A .

If relation on set A is symmetric that means if set A have relation in set B then set S also have the same relation in set A that is describe as A ÃÂ„ B then B Є A.

And at last if there is a relation that is transitive means if set A have relation in set B and set B have relation in set C then A also have the relation in set C that is describe as A R B and B R C then A R C

for all the elements of set A , B and C.

we describe the equivalence relation by a simple example as

Chain Rule Calculus is used to find the derivative of the composition function that is two or more than two. Equivalence relation is defined by the symbol Ã¢ÂÂ“ . (Know more about Equivalence Relation in broad manner, here,)

If Set s = 1 , 2 , 3 and there is relation R that is equivalent on set s if relation R have all the subset that define all three properties that are reflexive , symmetric and transitive means

R = (1 , 1) ,(2 , 2) , (3 , 3) , (1 , 2) ,(2 ,1) , (1 , 3) , (3 , 1) , (2 , 3) , (3 , 2) , so relation R is called as equivalence relation.

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