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Sometimes we need an online tool that helps in solving the math problem efficiently and accurately. So there are a Free Math Problem Solver, an online tool that use for solving the math problem of any specified type in a very short period of time and also in very accurate manner. We can make use of it for checking our answer that are correct or not and also used for generate the answers.


As it is an online tool, so user have to enter the problem in a given text box and before it they have to choose the type of the given problem and also check the format of the problem  that is write or wrong. This online tool also accept the word problems but one thing should be noted that these problems are not too much fancy or imaginary. After entering the problem into the given text box user click on the button to get the answer or they also have one more option to see all the steps of solution of given problem. In this online tool we can easily find the solutions of several types of problems in mathematics as basic math problem or algebra problems or pre algebra problems or problems related to trigonometry or calculus or statistics etc. So by choosing the appropriate type of problem and also entering the problem correctly get the accut = rate answer quickly and effectively.

Pythagorean Theorem Problems related to the measurement of side of given right angled triangle in which one of the angle is 90’ and other two must be acute angles. According to the Pythagorean Theorem sum of the square of two sides of right angled triangle is equal to the square of the longest side of that given right angled triangle. Indian certificate of secondary education that is also called as ICSE provides the icse syllabus for class 1students that help to know about the topics coming into the respective session.

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