Algebra Linear Equations

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Before studying Algebra Linear Equations we will understand the concept of forming the linear equations. Thus this system of learning involves the process of forming the linear equations by taking the  various formulas. Further we say that different word problems can be solved using method of forming the linear equation. So we can usually solve the problems of age, fractions, two or three digit numbers etc. using the concept of linear equations.

Suppose we have the statement as follows:

If 5 is added to 3 times the number and sum is 26, then find the number.

Here we will proceed as follows:

Let the number be 'x'. So we say that three times of the number will be 3 * x. Thus the equation will be:

3 * x + 5 = 26,

Now to get the value of 'x', i.e. the number, we will keep the value of 'x' to one side of the equation and all constant values are taken to another side of the equation. So we get:

3 * x = 26 – 5,

 Or we write:

3 * x = 21,

Now we will divide the value of right side of the equation i. e . 21 by the number 3 and the equation will be written as follows:

x = 21 / 3,

Or x = 7,

Now we will observe that required number will be 7. So if we will add 5 to three times of the number 7, we get:

 7 * 3 + 5 = 21 + 5 = 26.

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