Definition of linear function

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Function or a functional unit is defined as the association between a set of inputs and set of outputs. It can be defined as the relation of objects. When a function is defined there exists at least one value in the output set for value in an input set and if a function is one- one function then there exists exactly one value or one output for every input.

A function is of many types that are real functions, scalar functions, vector function, complex function, and a linear function. Linear function definition can be given as if it satisfies two main properties. First one among it is when f(a * x) is equals to a * f(x) where 'a' is a constant and 'x' is a variable and second property is given by f (x + y) is equals to f(x) + f(y). if a function satisfies these properties then it is said to be satisfying a linear function.

It is a single degree function and thus can also be considered as a polynomial function as it is represented by f (x) it is termed as a function of 'x'. A linear function is also a algebraic function in which a term is either in a form of product of constant or a constant or a single variable. For representation of a linear function if the coordinates are given then it can be expressed in the form of function and similarly opposite also exists that is if a function is given then coordinates can be determined. For example, if the coordinate is given as (4, 16) then function for this coordinate will be f (4) which is equals to 16. And graphically also it can be easily represented.

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Algebra Linear Equations

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Before studying Algebra Linear Equations we will understand the concept of forming the linear equations. Thus this system of learning involves the process of forming the linear equations by taking the  various formulas. Further we say that different word problems can be solved using method of forming the linear equation. So we can usually solve the problems of age, fractions, two or three digit numbers etc. using the concept of linear equations.

Suppose we have the statement as follows:

If 5 is added to 3 times the number and sum is 26, then find the number.

Here we will proceed as follows:

Let the number be 'x'. So we say that three times of the number will be 3 * x. Thus the equation will be:

3 * x + 5 = 26,

Now to get the value of 'x', i.e. the number, we will keep the value of 'x' to one side of the equation and all constant values are taken to another side of the equation. So we get:

3 * x = 26 – 5,

 Or we write:

3 * x = 21,

Now we will divide the value of right side of the equation i. e . 21 by the number 3 and the equation will be written as follows:

x = 21 / 3,

Or x = 7,

Now we will observe that required number will be 7. So if we will add 5 to three times of the number 7, we get:

 7 * 3 + 5 = 21 + 5 = 26.

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Define Linear Functions

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A Function can be defined or explained as any event, action or task performed by any person for whom it is suited. Considering it under mathematical terms, a function is defined as the relation or association of any variable with the other in such a way that there exists a value or an output for each value of one variable defined.

For every input a particular output is defined. It can also be defined in terms of a set, in which for each of its element there exists a unique value. There are number of functions defined as complex functions, vector functions, real functions, scalar functions, linear functions and many other types of functions.

Now let us know about linear function. A linear function is defined as a function which satisfies the following given properties which are defined as is f (a*x) is equals to a* f(x) and second property is defined as f (x + y) is equals to f (x) + f (y) where ‘x’ and ‘y’ are used as variables for the functions and ‘a’ is a constant term that is multiplied with the function.

Function can be easily determined when the coordinates for any line are known. For example: If a coordinate is given as (4, 6) where 4 is said to be x coordinate and similarly 6 is y coordinate. Then, the function for this coordinate will be written as f(4) is equals to 6. Similarly if we know the function then the coordinates can be easily determined. Suppose, f(2) is given to be 10. Then the coordinate for this function will be determined as (2, 10) as the coordinates of linear function.

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math tutor online free

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Mathematics is a subject of great interest and importance. We have different branches of mathematics in which we require deep and expert study. In order to understand the subject with great interest, we need to go in the detail and the deep knowledge of the subject. For this we need to be under the guidance of experts all around.

For every problem, proper guidance is needed by the experts, which is not at the disposal of each child every time. For this we can use math tutor online free, which can be used anytime to solve the problems. The child gets the individual attention and saves the time, which he often spend on the transport to solve the problem. Any session can be reviewed by the students time to time so that the concepts are clear to the child.

It guides the child to understand the concept where child feels uncomfortable. To make the use of online math tutor, the child can solve the problem and clear the doubts at any level. Online tutors are so designed that it is self explanatory, so that the topic is clear to child very easily. We have different worksheets and examples which can be studied by the student in supplement to the topics. Different Multiple Choice Questions are also available online so that the child can solve the questions and get solutions simultaneously. Online maths tutor only require a computer and internet connection.

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linear function definition

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In this blog we will discuss the linear function definition. Linear Functions are those functions whose graphs made up of sections of one straight line throughout the function’s domain.

Linear function is describe as the functions that have ‘p’ as input variable and ‘p’ has an exponent of only 1.

Linear functions can follow to the following conditions:

A polynomial first degree function has one variable.

A mapping among two vector spaces that ascribe vector addition.

It is also said to be linear because the graphs of these functions in the cartesian co- ordinate is straight line. We will understand it with the help of small example:

Suppose we have given some functions below which has graph that is a straight line.

F (p) = 2p + 4,

F (p) = p / 2 – 3.

It can also be written in following manner as:

f (p) = mp + b,

(y – y1) = m (x – x1),

0 = Ax + By + C.

In the case of vector Algebra a linear function means that a linear map that is a map between two vectors spaces where refers vector addition and scalar multiplication.

The linear functions are those functions ‘f’ which can be represented as,

f (p) = Kp, here ‘K’ is a matrix.

A function F (p) = mp + b is said to be a linear map if and only if value of b = 0.

The form y = mx + b is named as the slope intercept form of linear function. For a common graph (p, q) usually expressed as q = mp + b and in a formal function definition a linear function written as f (x) = mx + b. In this we can easily solve any function.

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online tutoring free

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For making use of Online Tutoring Free we simply need to have a personal computer with the internet connection. To learn about any mathematical topic, which you need to understand or clarify, we can visit any of the free math tutorial, which can give step by step guidelines to learn and understand the topic. Various tutors and worksheets are also available online to make the topics easy to learn and understand. The contents of the tutor are so designed that the child can understand it without any trouble as it is made in a user friendly mode.

To learn about the Pythagorean Theorem Word Problems, and their practical applications we can take the help of online math tutorial for free. It makes the teaching learning process easy and available all the times for the learner. The child need not to waste the time in taking the appointments with the teachers and visiting them to solve the problems faced by them.

We have ample of online exercises which the child can solve. It also helps the child to be self dependent and develops the confidence in the child for solving the problems independently. Online tutoring is a wonderful tool which we find available with all the students at their homes now a days. By this tool, same lessons can be visited time and again by the students to develop the level of confidence among them. The understanding of the concept has become easier by online tutorials. These tutorial capsules are designed in a very systematic way.

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free math problem solver

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Sometimes we need an online tool that helps in solving the math problem efficiently and accurately. So there are a Free Math Problem Solver, an online tool that use for solving the math problem of any specified type in a very short period of time and also in very accurate manner. We can make use of it for checking our answer that are correct or not and also used for generate the answers.


As it is an online tool, so user have to enter the problem in a given text box and before it they have to choose the type of the given problem and also check the format of the problem  that is write or wrong. This online tool also accept the word problems but one thing should be noted that these problems are not too much fancy or imaginary. After entering the problem into the given text box user click on the button to get the answer or they also have one more option to see all the steps of solution of given problem. In this online tool we can easily find the solutions of several types of problems in mathematics as basic math problem or algebra problems or pre algebra problems or problems related to trigonometry or calculus or statistics etc. So by choosing the appropriate type of problem and also entering the problem correctly get the accut = rate answer quickly and effectively.

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free math problem solver

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At school level students wants to seriously understand the mathematical concept what they were studied in the classroom but when they reached their house and try to solve the question, at that time problem occurs how to solve it. The reason behind this problem is that some students are not able to understand mathematical concept in a single time. The revision of same concept two or three times helps them to solve the problem. In a real world it is very difficult for teacher or personal tutor to clear the concepts until the student do not understand. To overcome from this problem different website provide a new technology for study that is free math problem solver.

As a name specifies you very clearly that a solver helps you to in solving your problems. In this category of learning mathematical problem student not required to hesitate to ask a question. Students can feel free and ask a same question so many times. Each and every time they get a same solution with different styles that helps you to deeply understand the concept of mathematics.

Free math solver can be considering as a reputed or sophisticated tool which generates the answers very easily and quickly when user enters the data.

Free math problem solver in the sense user do not required to pay any amount via online they are freely available tools that helps the user to solve their problem anytime and anywhere. In the category of math problem solver student can deal with various type of other tool like fraction calculator, equation solver, matrix calculator, percentage calculator, polynomial calculator, Roman numerals calculator and so on. These are different category of math problem solver which improves students confidence for problem solving.

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online tutoring free

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In the real world everything gets advanced and easy to access. There are no field remains which do not accept new modernization. Education is one of the fields which have rapid growth to accept a concept of modernization. In previous time education totally depends and limited on hard text books. But today education comes in front of us with a new face which is popularly known as online tutoring free. Sometime students are not able to understand the concepts regarding to their subject or they miss their lecture in the class then they need some guide to recover their study. At that time online tutoring free helps the students to cover all the concepts that they want to understand from any subject.

Online tutoring free is the system of providing a tutoring process through online each and every time. Online is a kind of network environment or virtual environment which establishes a connection between tutor and students. This is a very useful and plays an important role in student life because through this system each student can get a free and personal tutor to solve their query and problem. Another most important advantage of this concept is that student can freely ask their questions to their tutor without any hesitation. (know more about online tutoring  , here)

In internet there are various kinds of websites are available that provide a free of cost learning system. Many book Publisher Company or educational society or institutes provide lots of links of their books through the website to help the students. Some of the experienced tutors that having a experience of more than fifteen years upload their lectures to provide the facility of revision to their students through which students can better recover from their subject.

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free online tutoring

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Mathematics is a subject of learning various methods or concept to solving real world in quick and easier manner. In a school days, students start their study from fundamental mathematics, after that they learn other advanced topic of mathematics. Sometime student faced a problem to solve mathematical calculation. At that time they do not have any guidance to solve their problem. To overcome from this problem various website provide free online tutoring. As a name specified that provide a tuition through online.

Free online tutoring also known as E- tutoring that provides mathematical concepts for all the classes to help the student to understand all relevant topics. Free online tutoring through online is a kind of new evolution for study to make learning better and modern. This kind of tutorial offers one to one tuition system that can be handling by the expert faculty with more ten years experience. Through online study students can make their study from their home that helps the students to ask a question freely and clear their all doubts.  

Free online tutoring is online teaching system through network environment where both tutor and student are separated in the manner of geographically and by time. These kinds of study are very useful for military kids that have migration problem from place to other. Through the E- learning they can make continues flow for their study without any disturbance. In this system professional tutor gave their lecture or they available 24 * 7 hours through which student can submit their queries any time and get a solution anywhere. Another advantage of this facility is that they get as assignment from online and they can also submit their complete assignment to the tutor. At last we can say that online tutoring system is a new revolution in the field of study.

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