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free online tutoring

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We have the facility of free online tutoring, in which any child can avail anytime in order to solve the problems related to any subject. To avail the facility of free online tutoring, we need to have a personal computer along with the internet connection.

This feature helps the learner to understand the concepts of the difficult topics and review it any number of times as per the requirement. The contents of the different topics are designed in the form of capsules which are self explanatory and planned in such an interesting way that the learner takes keen interest to understand the contents of the subject.

Online tutoring also helps the child to get the individual attention of the child, thus the child has a feeling of being special. He can take the lessons from online tutors even in the odd hours without any trouble of covering the long distance to visit the house of the tutor, which is one of major problems for the students in the big cities. Here hunting for the tutor is not required and the child is comfortable by sitting in front of the personal computer, and then solving the problems of any subject, any topic and any time. (know more about free online tutoring, here)

Thus we observe that the online free tutors are the boom for the children. They provide the children a feature to solve all the problems and the doubts, related to any subject. Thus we say that online free tutoring is a tool of internet, in which any child can use to get the solution to all the problems.

In order to find the Volume of a Prism, we can use online math tutor, which is available for free. We can download cbse board papers for different subjects which are used to guide the students for preparing for the exams of different grades.

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free online math tutor

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Free online math tutor is available online to learn about the different topics of mathematics. These tutors are available online by different companies, which a child can surf any day even in the odd hours when ever required. So we say that the  child can take the guidance of the difficult topics from the online math tutors which can support the students to open the desired topics and can clear the doubts and the problem to the related topics. Now we say that the understanding of the topics becomes easy and such lessons can be repeated played online without any hesitation of asking the problems time and again.

We must look at the desired topics and find the examples based on the topic. We have many worksheets and quiz available in the math tutors which can support us to understand the topics more clearly.

 Online math tutors are so well designed that it makes the topic quite interesting and it helps to clear the concepts and the doubts of the child who uses it.

Besides this a special expert team of the  teachers is appointed by the software companies which develop the lesson plans for the  particular tutor website. Different online tutor companies are available through out the world which can help the students to excel in their examination through their proper guidance and the lessons available online. 


Even the special queries related to any particular topic and subjects can be solved by the online tutor and the child can clarify his math problems by the online tutorials when ever he finds himself held up anywhere.

We can learn about the  Volume of Rectangular Prism by the help of  logging in to math online tutorials. The cbse syllabus 2013, for different subjects are also available online which can help the students to know the topics in the syllabus of the given topics. 

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How to Tackle Linear Regression Problems

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The term linear regression is commonly used in the theory of the statistics. It can be defined as an approach towards the modeling of the relationship between any scalar variable say y which is dependent and 1 or more variables which are explanatory represented by X. When we have only 1 variable which is explanatory then it is known as the simple regression. And when we have greater than 1 variable which is explanatory then it is known as the multiple regression.

However the multiple type of the regression should not be confused with the multivariate type of the linear regression in which correlated variables which are dependent are being predicted unlike just a single variable which is scalar. (know more about Linear regression , here)

Under the linear regression, the data is modeled with the help of the linear type predictor functions and the unknown type parameters of the model are judged by the data. These types of the models are known as the linear models. Generally linear type of the regression is being referred as a model where the conditional type mean of the y is called as an affine function of the X if the value of the X is given.

And in rare case this type of the regression is referred as a model where the median or any quantile of the conditional type of the distribution of the y is represented in the form of any linear function of the X if the value of the X is given. It should be known that it is the 1st kind of the regression that is being studied so rigorously and is being utilized in many practical uses.

Question like find the circumference of a circle is regularly asked in CBSE board papers. You can visit various online portals to get all informations regarding CBSE board papers and questions.

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Define Equivalence Relation

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Equivalence relation describe in mathematics and define as a relation that is reflexive , symmetric and transitive. We can define these properties of relation as if there is a relation R then it said to be equivalence relation that is based on a set A if relation on set A is reflexive means Set A have relation in itself that means A ÃÂ„ A .

If relation on set A is symmetric that means if set A have relation in set B then set S also have the same relation in set A that is describe as A ÃÂ„ B then B Є A.

And at last if there is a relation that is transitive means if set A have relation in set B and set B have relation in set C then A also have the relation in set C that is describe as A R B and B R C then A R C

for all the elements of set A , B and C.

we describe the equivalence relation by a simple example as

Chain Rule Calculus is used to find the derivative of the composition function that is two or more than two. Equivalence relation is defined by the symbol Ã¢ÂÂ“ . (Know more about Equivalence Relation in broad manner, here,)

If Set s = 1 , 2 , 3 and there is relation R that is equivalent on set s if relation R have all the subset that define all three properties that are reflexive , symmetric and transitive means

R = (1 , 1) ,(2 , 2) , (3 , 3) , (1 , 2) ,(2 ,1) , (1 , 3) , (3 , 1) , (2 , 3) , (3 , 2) , so relation R is called as equivalence relation.

Tamil nadu state board syllabus that is provided by the Tamilnadu education board to the students contain all the topics related to relevant class. 

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