How to Graph Linear Equations

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Now let us learn how to graph linear equations. For plotting the graph for the linear equation for one variable, we must remember that the line drawn will be a straight line parallel to one of three axis. Suppose we have any equation say:

X = 5, here we say that for any value of y, the value of x will remain same i.e. x = 5. So we say that  the graph will be plotted at the following points: ( 5, 0 ), ( 5 , 1), ( 5 , 2 ), ( 5,3 ), ( 5,4 ) and so on. On plotting the graph we get the graph such that it is parallel to the y axis and will pass through x = 5.

Similarly if we have the equation y = 3, here we observe that the  graph will be plotted such that  whatever will be the value of x, the value of y will remain same i.e. y = 3, so we conclude that the  graph will be parallel to  x axis and will pass through  y = 3. (know more about Linear equation, here)

If we have the equation as x + y = 5, then we say that the table will be first drawn to represent different values of x and the corresponding values of y. So we say that the different values of x and y can be taken and thus we are able to plot the graph based on these points. First we will mark these points from the table and then they are joined to plot the graph.

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