How to Solve Linear Equations

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Let us learn about what linear equations are and how to solve linear equations. The equations which are in the form of ax + b  = 0 or  ax + by + c = 0 are called linear equations. The linear equation in the single variable can be solved by taking the variable of the equation to one side of the equation and the constants to the other side of the equation so that the value of the variable is attained, which is the solution to the given equation. By the word, solution to the given equation, we mean that the value of the variable is to be calculated, such that if we place that value of the variable in the equation, we find that the equation is satisfied.  Now we look at the pair of the linear equations with the two variables. If we say that the equation has two variables say p and q, then the values of the variables is to be calculated, such that the  both the values of the variables satisfies  both the given equations.  We can solve the pair of the linear equations graphically as well as by the algebraic methods. If we have to solve the linear pair of equations graphically in order to get the solution to the pair of the linear equations, we will first plot the graph of both the lines on the graph paper and observe the point of intersection of the two lines. This point of intersection is the solution of the given equation. (know more about Linear equation, here)

In order to know about the order of operations calculator, we can take the help of online math tutor, which can guide us how to use the different operators to solve the expressions.  Gujarat Board Syllabus is also available online for the different classes and different subjects.. Students can download the syllabus to understand and prepare different topics for the examinations.


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