How to work out linear equation calculator

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In the previous post we have discussed about rational and irrational numbers and little bit about Two Step Linear Equation , In today’s session we are going to discuss about linear equation calculator which comes under syllabus of cbse class 9, In algebra, we deal with fixed as well as variable quantities. These quantities are termed as constants & variables respectively. Linear equations are the algebraic equations involving variables with degree one.

Since, the variables may acquire any value; it depends on a particular equation as to what value of the variable will satisfy the equation. Such a value of the variable in an equation is the solution to the equation.

A linear equation may have a variable either on one side of the equation only or on both the sides of the equation. To solve a linear equation in one variable; we should, first of all, bring all the like terms together. This can be done by the method of transposing in which terms are taken from one side of the equation to the other & their signs are changed in such shifting. Then the liked terms brought together are added or subtracted according to the sign they carry. Also the constant terms are solved for their signs. Thereafter the coefficient of the variable, if any, is also transposed to the other side of the equation to find the value of the variable. (want to Learn more about linear equation , click here),

It is worth mentioning here that during transposition of terms & coefficients of variables in an equation, the signs change as follows:

A positive sign changes to negative & vice versa.

Multiplication changes to division & vice versa.

Let us use the linear equation calculator to solve an equation & understand the concept.

5x + 4 = 7x – 6

To solve this equation, we will first collect the like terms on either side & we get the equation as

5x – 7x = -6 -4  ( transposing 7x to left hand side , it becomes -7x & 4 on transposing to left hand side            becomes -4)

·         – 2x = -10

·         x = -10 / (-2) [-2 which is being multiplied with x changes to division on transposing]

·         x = 5

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