Two Step Linear Equation

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Previously we have discussed about math help solver and In today’s session we are going to discuss about Linear Equations, They are expressed as the combination of terms and operators placed on the left and right side of the equation . In Algebra, the equations are to be solved by different methods like elimination method, substitution methods  and  Two Step Linear Equation solution method.

As the name suggests, a Two Step Linear Equation method of solving the algebraic equation involves two steps to get the solution to the unknown variable. Let us learn it more clearly through this example. Let the given equation be

4y + 3 = 19

Here we need to find the value of unknown variable Y. In first step, We first subtract 3 from both the sides and get:

4Y + 3 – 3 = 19 – 3


4Y = 16

Now to get the value of Y , we divide both sides of the equation by 4, This is the second step towards the solution.

We get:

4Y/4 = 16/4

or Y = 4 Ans

In the above equation, we observe that in the first step the  addition operator is removed by introducing the operation of subtraction and in second step, the operation of multiplication is eliminated by simply dividing the equation by 4. So we get the result of Y in two steps. Such solutions to the complex linear equations is called Two Step Linear Equation.(Know more about Linear Equation in broad manner, here,)

Linear equations play a vital role in solving the problems of the real life and to get the output of the variables introduced to the equations. We need to decide, which operator has to be performed. Just remember that if addition is to be eliminated, we need to introduce subtraction and vica- versa. Similarly if multiplication is to be removed, we need to divide and vice- versa.

In the next session we are going to discuss about How to work out linear equation calculator and You can visit our website whenever you think like i need help with math and 12 question papers state board.


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