Graphing Linear Equations

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Hello students. Previously we have discussed about  free online tutoring for math and In this subdivision, we are going to learn about the linear equations and their graphs on the co-ordinate plane. We will find out how to deal with linear equations graphs in the algebra.
Graphing linear equations is a pretty simple work. It merely entails some of the computations regarding the variables present in the equation and then plotting them on the co-ordinate axis.
Before going through the graphing linear equations we have to understand the concept of linear equations. The linear equations are the type of the equations which are represented in the form of equation of one or two variables. The equation of two variables x and Y can be given as Y = ax + b, where ‘a’ and ‘b’ are two numbers. The constant term ‘b’ is the intercept in the equation with the Y co-ordinate axis. All such linear equations always form linear graphs or we can say they form a line.
Now proceeding with an example, let we have a equation of a line f (x) = y = x + 2. Now for the intermediate points of the graph we have to solve this linear equation with the help of putting values in the equation. We first finds all the related and corresponding values of both ‘x’ and ‘y’. Just like the below calculation we uses the table for the values and calculates the corresponding values. Here we have values:
Value of X: -2 0 1 2 3 4
Values of  Y:  0 2 3 4 5 6
Using all these values we can make a graph for the linear equation y = x + 2. Now plotting these values on the co-ordinate plane we will get the resultant graph for the equation:

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