Linear Equation in Two Variables

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Hello students, Previously we have discussed about slope worksheet and today I am going to discuss about Linear Equation in Two Variables. A equation of the form ax + by + c = 0 where a, b, c are real numbers is called a linear equation in two variables x and y.

Let us see some Linear Equation in Two Variables examples.

Example :- show that x=3 and y= 2 in the equation of 5x – 3y = 9


step1:- put x=3 and y=2 in the given equation, we get

step 2:- L.H.S =5*3-3*2 = 9(R.H.S)

step 3:- 15 – 6 = 9(R.H.S)

step 4:-so, x=3 and y=2 is a solution of 5x-3y=9

step 5:- L.H.S=R.H.S

Now, we will discuss about simultaneous linear equations in two variables.

Two linear equation in unknown variables x and y are said to form a system of simultaneous linear equations if each of them gets satisfied by the same pair of values of x and y.

Example:- show that x=5, y=2 is a solution of the system of linear equations.2x + 3y = 16, x – 2y = 1


step 1:- the given equations are:-

2x +3y =16

x-2y =1

step 2:- putting x =5, y =2 in eq.(1) we get:

L.H.S= (2*5+3*2)=16=(R.H.S)

Step 3:-putting x =5, y =2 in eq.(2) we get:

L.H.S= (5-2*2)=1=(R.H.S)

so, x=5, y=2 satisfy both eq(1) and eq(2). It is a solution of the given system of equations.

Now, we will talk about consistent and inconsistent systems of linear equations in two variables.

First one is consistent system of linear equation . A system of two linear equations in two unknown variables is said to be consistent if it has at least one solution.

Second one is inconsistent system of linear equation. A system of two linear equations in two unknown is said to be inconsistent if it has no solution at all.

Example:- Find whether the system of linear equations. x + y = 3, 2x +2y = 7 is consistent or inconsistent system of linear equations.

solution:-The given system is inconsistent because we cannot find values of x and y which may satisfy both the given equations simultaneously.

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