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Previously we have discussed about learn calculus and In today’s session we are going to discuss about Linear Equation, It is one of the essential topic of 7th standard mathematics, so today we are going to understand the basic concepts behind Linear Equations. Before going in deep with Linear Equations we need to understand the concept of intercepts. Intercepts are where a graph crosses either the x-axis or the y-axis or we can say that Intercept is a point which intersects on a curve in XY axis of a graph. An x- intercept is where the graph crosses the x-axis (that is where the value of y = 0) whereas a y-intercept is where the graph crosses the y-axis (that is where the value of x = 0).

general form of x-intercept = ( x, 0)

general form of y-intercept = ( 0, y)

Now the first question is that how intercepts plays an important role in defining Linear equations? Let’s see about linear equations. In simple mathematical manner we can say that any equation that when graphed produces a straight line then the equation is called as Linear Equation. The general form of a linear equation in two variables like x and y is…..

y = mx + b

where x and y are two variables and m and b are two constants. The constant m determines the slope or gradient of that line and the constant b shows the point at which line crosses the Y-axis. Constant b is also known as Y-Intercept.

Intercepts also play an important role in graphing linear equations. A linear equation graph always forms a straight line. We can take Online help in graphing linear equations. Various Online graphing calculators are available over internet which provides you the exact graph along with the steps to graph the Linear equation. Let’s take an example : Graph Y = 1/5x + 10

The steps to follow in solving above linear equation: Firstly locate the y-intercept on the graph and then plot the point on the graph. At this point use the slope of line to plot another point, and at last draw the line which connects these two points.

In the next session we will discuss about Addition Method of Linear Equations and You can visit our website for getting information about algebra 1 help and maths solutions.


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