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Previously we have discussed about free math solver  and Today we are going to talk about Linear equations , A Linear equation is an algebric equation in which each term is either a constant or product of constant and a variable. Linear equation is an essential phenomenon of mathematics to solve many non- Linear equations by converting them into linear one .

Let us take an example ..

6x + 4 = 22

in the above expression ‘x’ is a variable with an integer coofficient .

So now in the first step, shift ‘4’ to Right Hand Side (RHS) of equation and subtract it, because when a element shift from Left Hand Side (LHS) To RHS. Then the sign is changed.

6x = 22 – 4

6x = 18

now move ‘6’ into denominator of RHS.

X= 18 / 6

x= 3

thats it is the way to get the integer value which replaces the variable in any linear equation.

General form of Linear equation .

y= mx + b

here ‘y’ and ‘x’ are variables , and M is slope of the equation. every Linear eqauation represents a Linear shape in 2D plane , like this one forming a straight line in which ‘M’ is a constant representing slope of the line and another constant ‘b’ refers to the point at which line crosse the ‘y’ axis.

A Linear Equation Graph is gives the pictorial representation of the straight line on the plan surface. The area of this line should be limited in a fixed region which is according to the value of right side of an enquality equation. For graphing a a linear equation we need x-intercept, y intercept and slope.

Slope of the line = (change in y points)/ (change in x points)

M = ∆y / ∆x

In the next session we will discuss about Online Help in graphing linear equations and You can visit our website for getting information about trigonometry help and sample papers of class 9.


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