Linear equations are Polynomial equations of degree one

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Linear equations are the most useful term in algebra because all the standard terms are easily applicable on these equations which make their solution easy.There are various complex non-linear equations in algebra whose solution is not so easy. With the help of some predefined non linear to linear conversion techniques, complex problems are normalized into linear form.Linear equation is formed with terms and these terms include variables, integers and constants which are related with arithmetic operators. A linear equation of standard form is represented as:

Ax + By = C

Here A, B and C are integer constants whereas x and y are variables of same degree. Linear equations always have degree as one.

Let’s discuss about the graphing of linear equations, graphing is a mathematical procedure by which any expression can be represented in its corresponding 2D linear shape on the plane surface with respect of co-ordinates of Cartesian axes.

Whenever we plot any graph of linear equations it result as a straight line, which may differ for different linear equations with respect to slope of the line and its coordinates.

The co-ordinates and slope of the line can easily be calculated, by using intercepts principle and slope formula. For fast solution students can prefer the use of online graphing calculator which is an online math tool, programmed to run on Internet browser to implement the graphing of any mathematical expression.

There are several online tutoring websites for online help in mathematics and Tutorvista is among those websites which covers all the math topics including linear equation graph. The online tutors explain very wisely and in detail. The online tutors available all the time for giving online help to students. Take advantage of online tutoring to learn several math topics in easy and interesting way.





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