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In algebra we have got a lot of different types of equations like linear equation, quadratic equation, and polynomial equation. In mathematics, an equation is a statement which has two expressions separated by = sign having same value or in other words we can say it shows the balance situation where the value of one side is exactly same as the opposite side. While we go through these all different equations. We got a lot of problems and we need guidance to solve them. On internet, Online Help is available to solve our problems related to all different types of equations.

Today we will discuss about linear equations. A linear equation is an algebraic equation where all the terms can be a constant or product of a constant and a single variable. It can have multiple variables also.

For example :-

7h + c = 18

4h + c = 9

To find out the solution either we can add or subtract both equations. For given example we will use elimination method. So it will be

(7h – 4h ) + (c – c ) = 18 – 9,

3h = 9,

h = 9 / 3,

h = 3

Now we have the value of variable h = 3 and we can find out the value of c by using this value in any of equation

Let’s find out the value of c

7h + c = 18,

7*3 + c = 18,

21 + c = 18,

c = 18 -21,

c = -3

Now we have got the value for both variables and we can use these values in any of given equation to cross check the answer.

A Linear Equation Graph is 2d representation of an equation in respect of its coordinates.




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