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In mathematics, every problem can be solved only when it will be in any form of mathematical equation. Mathematical equations are of various types like quadratic equation, differential equation, transcendental equation and many more forms. But one thing is common in all these forms is that they all are further categorized as linear equation and non – linear equation. But sometimes math problems are not directly given in form of any mathematical expression, they are provided in word form with proper information and we have to convert that information in the form of linear equation.

As we said earlier that math equation is in two forms linear and non linear. In math, all the standard principles are only applicable when equation is in linear form. That’s why to solve any non linear equation it is first converted into its relative linear form.

Let us talk about graphing of linear equation. Graphing is the way of representation of any linear equation in form of straight line on a 2D plane with respect to its co-ordinates of both X and Y Cartesian axis. For doing graphing of any linear equation, two terms endpoints or intersection points on the X, Y axis and slope of the line are required. For finding slope of the line we use slope formula and for determining endpoints of the line x and y intercepts are calculated.

The general form of any linear equation whose graphical representation is to be done is as follows:

y = mx + b

This linear equation will represent a straight line with’ m’ slope in respect of x axis.

For knowing more about linear equations and its graphing procedure, students can prefer to an online math tutoring website named as TutorVista, which provides you online help for various math queries.


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