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Online Help in graphing linear equations

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Previously we have discussed about learn calculus and In today’s session we are going to discuss about Linear Equation, It is one of the essential topic of 7th standard mathematics, so today we are going to understand the basic concepts behind Linear Equations. Before going in deep with Linear Equations we need to understand the concept of intercepts. Intercepts are where a graph crosses either the x-axis or the y-axis or we can say that Intercept is a point which intersects on a curve in XY axis of a graph. An x- intercept is where the graph crosses the x-axis (that is where the value of y = 0) whereas a y-intercept is where the graph crosses the y-axis (that is where the value of x = 0).

general form of x-intercept = ( x, 0)

general form of y-intercept = ( 0, y)

Now the first question is that how intercepts plays an important role in defining Linear equations? Let’s see about linear equations. In simple mathematical manner we can say that any equation that when graphed produces a straight line then the equation is called as Linear Equation. The general form of a linear equation in two variables like x and y is…..

y = mx + b

where x and y are two variables and m and b are two constants. The constant m determines the slope or gradient of that line and the constant b shows the point at which line crosses the Y-axis. Constant b is also known as Y-Intercept.

Intercepts also play an important role in graphing linear equations. A linear equation graph always forms a straight line. We can take Online help in graphing linear equations. Various Online graphing calculators are available over internet which provides you the exact graph along with the steps to graph the Linear equation. Let’s take an example : Graph Y = 1/5x + 10

The steps to follow in solving above linear equation: Firstly locate the y-intercept on the graph and then plot the point on the graph. At this point use the slope of line to plot another point, and at last draw the line which connects these two points.

In the next session we will discuss about Addition Method of Linear Equations and You can visit our website for getting information about algebra 1 help and maths solutions.

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Online help and linear equations

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Previously we have discussed about free math solver  and Today we are going to talk about Linear equations , A Linear equation is an algebric equation in which each term is either a constant or product of constant and a variable. Linear equation is an essential phenomenon of mathematics to solve many non- Linear equations by converting them into linear one .

Let us take an example ..

6x + 4 = 22

in the above expression ‘x’ is a variable with an integer coofficient .

So now in the first step, shift ‘4’ to Right Hand Side (RHS) of equation and subtract it, because when a element shift from Left Hand Side (LHS) To RHS. Then the sign is changed.

6x = 22 – 4

6x = 18

now move ‘6’ into denominator of RHS.

X= 18 / 6

x= 3

thats it is the way to get the integer value which replaces the variable in any linear equation.

General form of Linear equation .

y= mx + b

here ‘y’ and ‘x’ are variables , and M is slope of the equation. every Linear eqauation represents a Linear shape in 2D plane , like this one forming a straight line in which ‘M’ is a constant representing slope of the line and another constant ‘b’ refers to the point at which line crosse the ‘y’ axis.

A Linear Equation Graph is gives the pictorial representation of the straight line on the plan surface. The area of this line should be limited in a fixed region which is according to the value of right side of an enquality equation. For graphing a a linear equation we need x-intercept, y intercept and slope.

Slope of the line = (change in y points)/ (change in x points)

M = ∆y / ∆x

In the next session we will discuss about Online Help in graphing linear equations and You can visit our website for getting information about trigonometry help and sample papers of class 9.

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Linear Equations and Linear Equation Graph

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In every science subject, the problems which are already existing in their standard form are said to be a Linear form problem. These problems are easier to solve because there is no requirement to apply something else on them rather than just direct implementation of the standard formulas. Similarly, in mathematics, linear equations are resolved by use of standard principles and formulas. But the reason behind the given importance to linear equations is their big involvement in solving non- linear complex queries. The complex math queries are generally normalized or decomposed in such a manner that its derivatives or factors become linear form. To learn the ways or conversion of complex non-linear problems into linear forms, students can take the math online help tutoring websites which is the most favorable way in present time.

Let us talk about one of the most important application of linear forms in mathematics, Linear equation Graph. Graphing is the suitable way to elaborate the fundamentals of any function and relation for better understanding. While drawing the linear equation graph, the output is expected to be in the form of a straight line. There are two major terms which are required to perform the graphing of any mathematical equation, Intercepts of the respective axes and slope or inclination angle of the line. Students can use the online math tool, graphing calculator, for having the solution of their queries related to graphing in a quick time. This tool works according to the predefined way for graphing of particular mathematical equation which are defined in Graphing functions. Graphing functions are distinct for every mathematical equation.

To help you in process of graphing with or without graphing calculator, online tutors are available for round the clock with all the relevant data required. After learning the concepts you can implement them on the worksheets provided by tutor for practicing.



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Linear Equations: an important Algebraic topic

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Mathematics covers a large syllabus and this syllabus is divided in many different branches like algebra, trigonometry, equations, calculus, etc. in this article we start with equations and important topic of algebra and math. Equations play a very important role in mathematics. There are many different types of equations in mathematics like linear equations, differential equations, algebraic equation and so on. Kids, today we are going to discuss about linear equation. “A linear equation is an algebraic equation in which each term is either a constant or the product of the constant and a single variable”.Let us take an example of linear equation

y = mx + d where m and d are constant.

This equation is an equation of straight line where m is the slope of line and y is an intercept.Linear equations can also rewrite in many different form by using the laws of elementary algebra.  To draw A Linear equation graph we can use the slope ‘m’ and ‘y’ intercept

Firstly, we have to locate the ‘y’ intercept on the graph and plot the point. After plotting the ‘y’ intercept, use the slope and try to find the second point and then plot it on graph. With the help of both the points we can easily plot graphs of linear equations. In this way the linear equation graph can be draw easily.

The online tutoring services are very good option for the students to learn any subject. There are many websites which are designed to help kids in learning different subjects and these sites also offers different facilities like online tutors, different solver, etc. All over the world many students are taking advantage of these services. These services are available free for 24 hours, students can use them anytime. If you are not using any online help for learning mathematics then start taking its help and start enjoying mathematics.



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Grasp concepts of Linear Inequalities

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Hey! Friends, today we are going to discuss about linear inequalities problems and their graphing procedure. Students can learn with the help of an online math tutoring website “Tutorvista” which covers all the topics of linear inequalities. Linear inequality is a form of representing linear equation with some certain boundary or we can say when the area of any straight line is restricted by some numerical value in the graph than this condition is said to be of linear inequality. Linear inequality is represent by using inequality symbols such as greater than, less than in the linear equations rather than equal to sign. The solution process of any linear inequality query is almost as same as linear equations but, one point which has to be remember while solving questions related to linear inequalities is that while multiplying linear equations with ‘–ive’ sign we have to flip the inequality symbol with its opposite sign as:

-( y + 2 < 2) = ( -y – 2 > -2)

 Graphing of a linear inequality problems gives its pictorial representation which gives result as straight line on the plane surface. The area of this line should be restricted or limited in a fixed region which is according to the value of right side of the inequality equation. The basic terms used for graphing several equations are: x intercept, y intercept and slope. While using slope formula if we have endpoints of the line as (x1, y1) and (x2, y2) then use of this formula includes a condition that is x1 ≠ x2so that we get finite answer.  

Slope of the line M = (change in Y points) / (change in X points)

                            = ( y2 – y1 ) / ( x2 – x1).

Learn all math topics by taking help of Tutorvista in easy and efficient way.  

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Linear equations are Polynomial equations of degree one

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Linear equations are the most useful term in algebra because all the standard terms are easily applicable on these equations which make their solution easy.There are various complex non-linear equations in algebra whose solution is not so easy. With the help of some predefined non linear to linear conversion techniques, complex problems are normalized into linear form.Linear equation is formed with terms and these terms include variables, integers and constants which are related with arithmetic operators. A linear equation of standard form is represented as:

Ax + By = C

Here A, B and C are integer constants whereas x and y are variables of same degree. Linear equations always have degree as one.

Let’s discuss about the graphing of linear equations, graphing is a mathematical procedure by which any expression can be represented in its corresponding 2D linear shape on the plane surface with respect of co-ordinates of Cartesian axes.

Whenever we plot any graph of linear equations it result as a straight line, which may differ for different linear equations with respect to slope of the line and its coordinates.

The co-ordinates and slope of the line can easily be calculated, by using intercepts principle and slope formula. For fast solution students can prefer the use of online graphing calculator which is an online math tool, programmed to run on Internet browser to implement the graphing of any mathematical expression.

There are several online tutoring websites for online help in mathematics and Tutorvista is among those websites which covers all the math topics including linear equation graph. The online tutors explain very wisely and in detail. The online tutors available all the time for giving online help to students. Take advantage of online tutoring to learn several math topics in easy and interesting way.




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Importance of Linear Equation in Math

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Mathematical expression is represented in the form of any polynomial equation which may or may not consist of various derivatives of different order. But linear equation is a form of polynomial which consists of all the derivatives of same order, because of this property of linear equations, their solution is easy in comparison to other polynomials. That's why the complex equations of math are converted in linear form to solve them with ease. For non- linear to linear conversion there are various standard principles of math used. The standard form of a linear equation is

Ax + By = C

Here A, B and C are integer constants and x and y are variables of same order.


There is a basic concept while solving linear equations that if an equation consists of 'n' different variables than 'n' linear equation of those variables is required in a system to solve that linear equation system by replacing the variables with their numerical values.


When we try to do the 2D representation of any linear equation then this process is said to be Graphing, and every time graphing of a linear equation forms a straight line on a plane surface. The pictorial representation of a linear equation graph is plotted with respect to Cartesian axes co-ordinates which are calculated by x and y intercepts. In mathematics, graphing is done according to various graphing functions which are distinct for various forms of equation in maths.


If you want to learn more about linear equations and the procedure of solving and graphing them then TutorVista, an online math tutoring website, provides online help for students for round the clock.


This online help is provided by intelligent and professionally certified online math tutors so you can rely on them without hesitation.



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Solve Equations using Online Help

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In algebra we have got a lot of different types of equations like linear equation, quadratic equation, and polynomial equation. In mathematics, an equation is a statement which has two expressions separated by = sign having same value or in other words we can say it shows the balance situation where the value of one side is exactly same as the opposite side. While we go through these all different equations. We got a lot of problems and we need guidance to solve them. On internet, Online Help is available to solve our problems related to all different types of equations.

Today we will discuss about linear equations. A linear equation is an algebraic equation where all the terms can be a constant or product of a constant and a single variable. It can have multiple variables also.

For example :-

7h + c = 18

4h + c = 9

To find out the solution either we can add or subtract both equations. For given example we will use elimination method. So it will be

(7h – 4h ) + (c – c ) = 18 – 9,

3h = 9,

h = 9 / 3,

h = 3

Now we have the value of variable h = 3 and we can find out the value of c by using this value in any of equation

Let’s find out the value of c

7h + c = 18,

7*3 + c = 18,

21 + c = 18,

c = 18 -21,

c = -3

Now we have got the value for both variables and we can use these values in any of given equation to cross check the answer.

A Linear Equation Graph is 2d representation of an equation in respect of its coordinates.



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Graphing Equations through TutorVista

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In mathematics, every problem can be solved only when it will be in any form of mathematical equation. Mathematical equations are of various types like quadratic equation, differential equation, transcendental equation and many more forms. But one thing is common in all these forms is that they all are further categorized as linear equation and non – linear equation. But sometimes math problems are not directly given in form of any mathematical expression, they are provided in word form with proper information and we have to convert that information in the form of linear equation.

As we said earlier that math equation is in two forms linear and non linear. In math, all the standard principles are only applicable when equation is in linear form. That’s why to solve any non linear equation it is first converted into its relative linear form.

Let us talk about graphing of linear equation. Graphing is the way of representation of any linear equation in form of straight line on a 2D plane with respect to its co-ordinates of both X and Y Cartesian axis. For doing graphing of any linear equation, two terms endpoints or intersection points on the X, Y axis and slope of the line are required. For finding slope of the line we use slope formula and for determining endpoints of the line x and y intercepts are calculated.

The general form of any linear equation whose graphical representation is to be done is as follows:

y = mx + b

This linear equation will represent a straight line with’ m’ slope in respect of x axis.

For knowing more about linear equations and its graphing procedure, students can prefer to an online math tutoring website named as TutorVista, which provides you online help for various math queries.

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