Solving Problems of Linear Equations

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In mathematics every problem is represented in the form of an equation of variables, integer coefficients and operators, and all of these equations are categorized as linear or non- linear equations. For solving non- linear equations they are somehow converted into a linear form.

Friends today we are going to discuss about linear equations and linear equations graph. Every linear equation represents a straight line with several parallel conditions on a 2D plane. As we know linear equations consist of no. of derivatives which are formed by variables with or without integer coefficient but there is one necessary condition of forming linear equations is that all of its derivatives must be in same order of degree. The standard form of any linear equation is as:

Ax + By = C

Here ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘c’ are integer constants and ‘x’, ‘y’ are two unknown variables of same order.

For graphing of any linear equation following conditions must be satisfied:

1) The equation should be of standard form

2) Linear equation must consist of two unknown variables which represents x and y axis coordinated which are required to graph any linear equation on a 2D plane.

Let us take an example for linear equation graph representation:

Given equation is ——> x2 + 9 = y2

First convert it into standard form as:

x2 + y2 = 9

Now for finding x= axis co-ordinates, put y =0 in the equation

So, x2 = 9

x = +3 or – 3

Now for y co-ordinates, put x= 0 in equation

y2 = 9

y = +3 or -3

At last we have coordinated of (x, y) as (+3. +3) and (-3, -3), from which we can draw linear equation graph.

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