Solving and graphing linear equations

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Mathematics is a subject in which problems are represented in the form of equations. An equation is a combination of variables with constant coefficient or without it and constants which are related by arithmetic operators. Friends, today we are going to cover the linear equations topics of TutorVista. Linear equations are form of algebraic equation in which all the derivatives are of same order. Let us take an example of linear equations in two variables:

2x2+ 3y2= 2


Here 'x' and 'y' are two variables and both are of 2nd order.


Every linear equation represents a straight line but with several conditions and according to these conditions linear equations have some basic forms as standard form, slope intercept form, parametric form and polar form. Let us see standard form of linear equations of two variables

y = mx + c


here 'x' and 'y' are variables and 'm' is a constant representing slope of the line with constant 'c'.


For graphing linear equations both 'x' and 'y' intercept are required of the straight line forming by that linear equation and for finding these co-ordinates a simple principle is followed which states all the y points of equation are 0 on the x- axis and similarly all the x points of equations are 0 on y – axis.


Lets take an example and see how to implement this principle to find x and y co- ordinates of the linear equations:

x2+ 2y2 = 4

so at x- axis , y= 0 than

x2= 4

x = +2 or -2


now on y- axis , x = 0 than

2y2= 4

y2= 2

y = +(2)1/2or – (2)1/2


So the co-ordinates are ( 2, (2)1/2)and (-2,( -2)1/2) and from this you can graph linear equations.



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