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Friends! Today we all are going to learn about Linear equations in mathematics. Now the first question comes in our mind is, What is an Equation ? An equation is basically a condition on the variable. In simple mathematical manner we can say that any equation that when graphed produces a straight line, then the equation is called as Linear equation.

The common form of a Linear equation in the two variables like x and y is…..

y = mx + b where x and y are two variables and m and b are two constants.

The constant m determine s the slope or gradient of that line and the constant b shows the point at which line crosses the Y-axis. Constant b also known as Y-Intercept. Now we are going to discuss about Linear Inequality.In graphical manner, we can say that a linear inequality describes an area of the coordinate plane that has a boundary line. In simple way, in Linear Inequalities everything on one side of a line on a graph. In mathematics, a linear inequality is an inequality which involves a linear function. For solving inequalities we need to learn the symbols of inequalities like the symbol < means less than and the symbol > means greater than and the symbol ≦ or ≤ less than or equal to etc. Let’s see about some examples of Linear problems : -6 < x – 4 < 12

-6 < x – 4 < 12

add 4 to all 3 parts

-2 < x <16

divide 2 from all 3 parts

-2 < x < 16

To graph the following equation, you put an open circle or we can say mark it by a dot on the point (2,0) and then you put an open circle on the point (16,0).Then draw a line between the two.


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