Equation solver removes maths Obstacles

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Friends! all of us want to secure maximum marks in his/her exams but some of the students are scared of mathematics. Most of the higher grade students are afraid of math topics like linear inequalities and system of linear equations, so online math solvers are available for solving your problems. This article is about the different types of equations and how to solve the equation in a better, easier and in faster manner.

Now we are going to discuss about linear equations. In simple mathematical manner, we can say that any equation that when graphed produces a straight line, then the equation is called as Linear Equation. The common form of a linear equation in the two variables like x and y is

y = mx + b

where x and y are two variables and m and b are two constants. The constant m determines the slope or gradient of that line and the constant b shows the point at which line crosses the Y-axis. Constant b also known as Y-Intercept.

Linear equations with inequality signs are called as linear inequalities. An inequality tells that two values are not equal. For example a ≠ b shows that a is not equal to b. A linear inequality describes an area of the coordinate plane that has a boundary line. In simple way in linear inequalities everything is on one side of a line on a graph. In mathematics, a linear inequality involves a linear function. For solving inequalities, we need to learn the symbols of inequalities like the symbol < means less than and the symbol > means greater than and the symbol ≦ or ≤ less than or equal to etc.

A system of equations come with the relationship between two or more functions, which can be used to form a number of real-world situations. It is basically a collection of two or more equations with a same set of unknowns. Systems of Equations Solvers are available online which generates answer on one click by user on solve option and also shows the student how to arrive at the answer.


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