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Tutorvista is a website designed specially for the kids who face problem while doing math sums and solving mathematical questions. Tutorvista covers many key definitions and phrases which help you in solving math problems. Algebra is the base of mathematics and one need to be strong in algebra if he/she wants to get mastery in mathematics. Lets have a look on what is algebra, expressions and linear equations. Algebra is a imperative branch of mathematics that substitutes letters for numbers.

In this, symbols usually letters of alphabets represents numbers or members of a specified set and are used to represent quantities and to express general relationships that hold for all the members of the set. Algebra includes real numbers, complex numbers. matrices, vectors, and many more topics.

Now, lets talk about algebraic expression, it is a number or variable, or combination of the two connected by some mathematical operators like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponents roots and so on. An algebraic expression includes variables, constants and operating symbols. Algebraic expressions is a phrase, not a mathematical sentence, so it does not contain an equal to symbol.

For example:- 2y2+ 2x + 4xy + 5

Here, terms are the elements separated by the plus or minus symbol. In this example, we have four terms,2y2, 2x, 4xy and 5. Terms may include constants, variables or coefficients. And when we solve the algebraic expressions, we replace the variables with the given numbers and performs the indicated operations.

Large number of equations are embedded in algebra. Equation is a mathematical statement and it contains a equal (=) symbol. Linear equations are the simplest type of algebraic equations and differential equations are the toughest one. Linear equations are the equations that involves one or more variables and its graph is always a straight line. In linear equation each term is either a constant or the product of constant and the power of the single variable. While a differential equation is an equation that expresses a relationship between functions and their derivatives. You can easily learn all the above topics, using tutorvista’s math help and can become master of the subject.


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